I hit a bear

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On a Sunday evening I was driving my wife at the time and our unborn son back home to Heckston. We had a evening at my parents house in Spencerville. 

A Sunday tradition

We would take the Smith Road way thru to Oxford Station to get to Heckston

On this evening we were doing the regular drive

Up the hill on the backstretch beside the highway lined with big pines

Big gravel pit and fishing hole on the left

Start to drive down hill and to the left

A shadow suddenly appears from the front right corner/side


I was going to get out and look but the ex said no

Drove home no real problems

Guts and parts and stuff crumpled the car in the front once we got a look at it

Went to the hospital because she was pregnant

Cop didn't really believe me when I hinted that we thought it was a bear

I put a call out to Facebook

I believe it was in less than 60 minutes I had picture of the bear

A Centennial '67 graduate in my class who just so happens to live in the area of the incident and is perhaps a hunter tracked down a dead small-medium bear right on target

So I had to go see the bear myself obviously

So somewhere somehow someone else found out about the bear in Spencerville

My neighbor from across the river at my parents place AKA my childhood home, got wind of the bear and drove his John Deere Tractor all the way there to scoop it up

I later found out that he turned it into a rug and gave it to one of his daughters

I thinks that what I heard

So I say that rug is worth $7300 because that it how much the ex got from her insurance because they just wrote it off

Also I got wind from multiple people that someone posted pictures of themselves at the Spencer City Discount Community Board of themselves attacking the bear/ choking the bear







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