The All Mighty LCBO

Posted by Neil Mann on

So I am based in Ontario, hence the LCBO stock footage

I think there is certainly a misconception about liquor in Ontario

We certainly do not have the pick of the best options

I basically don't drink at all

I can't remember the last time I was "All In" on a night of booze

In Sweden the liquor store is call Systembolaget

In Asia you can buy 2L jugs of domestic beer

Think 2L Pepsi swapped for Hite Beer

I hear that the selection of wine at the wine rack is pretty good

If I'm on a wine night which is rare, I would be on the white

Red gives me headaches from my few experiences dabbling w wine

The prices at the LCBO is kinda ridiculous on some items

I'm mainly thinking of Pink Whitney 

A pink lemonade alcoholic beverage that a 26er will run you $29.95

Not worth the price

LCBO is going to run this drink out of town at that price point

It is a novelty drink w a solid backing of ever growing support

But not at $29.95

Places in Emerica are comparatively selling the same product for $16-$17 

$16-$17 Canadian

How can the difference be so wide?

Come on LCBO

Make it more worth it and you will sell way more





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