Chinese Bullshit

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So I visited Beijing for Christmas 2004

AKA the tsunami year

I was suppose to be in Phuket when the tsunami came but that's a different story

So I'm doing ultra tourist stuff like visiting the wall and some factories

Tiananmen Square obviously and the illegal contraband shops which lay a short distance away

I'm pretty sure part of the deal w getting the Olympics was the clean up of contraband goods shops in the DT of Beijing where the tourists flock

Either way I'm heading down a alley and pop into a store that sold North Face jackets

I take all my gear off and put it in the floor in front of me

I try on the jacket and I'm liking what I'm seeing

I grab my stuff and realize that the zipper on my camcorder bag is open and the camera is gone

I'm fuming

I know the ladies didn't do it as much as I wanted to blame them

They tell me that there are

"many pickpockets round here"

I walk out slightly dejected as I had just gone to the Great Wall of China and have fresh video of myself sitting on a camel on the Great Wall

Yes they have a camel standing on the actual Great Wall of China

Yes take my money and let me sit on a camel on the Great Wall of China

So I'm ultra hyper aware at this point

So I exit the shop and give all directions a solid once over

I'm walking down the alley on high alert and looked down to my right pocket and saw that the strap from my pocket camera was hanging outside the pocket

And a hand was right beside the strap getting ready to thieve me again

I look up and there are 5-6 Chinese men all staring at me

They are about 8-10ft in front

I gave them all a death stare to let them know that I knew what was up at that point

If I had done something at all they would have surely jumped me and took everything I had

Thankfully I just turned around and kept walking

I then bought a bootleg version of The Sopranos

True Story

Chinese Bullshit



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