Narcos Ritchie Street

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It is pretty common fact that shenanigans happen more often than not on Ritchie Street in glorious Ottawa Ontario Canada

So I don't think I'm crossing any lines in saying that

One night it was well past 1 am on a Saturday night when I got the call to head deep into Ritchie Street

A gentlemen got into the back of the car and proceeded to talk on the phone w what sounded like some ladies

Those ladies were at the casino awaiting his arrival

"Don't worry you'll all be taken care of, I have everything we need for a good night"

This is the line that stood out the most

Re-assuring his lady friends that when he gets to the casino they will feel good soon after

I'm not going to make any assumptions

Cocaine is a hell of drug


Classic trucker cap style with a cool fabric blend.

• 47% cotton/28% nylon/25% polyester
• Structured
• Five panel
• High profile
• Flat bill
• Snapback closure